semi-underground containers

semi-underground containers

Enviro Connexions Ltd: The first company collecting semi-underground containers with loading cranes in Quebec!

With more than 500 semi-underground containers with loading cranes, Enviro Connexions Ltd. ranks first in its field in Quebec. We ensure you get the best service possible. Our experience allows us to guide you through the process of buying this type of container. We are proud to promote this innovative product for the advantages it brings to both users and collectors. Semi-underground containers are:

Cosmetic: The semi-underground container blends well with any environment.
Sanitary: Since it holds 2/3 of its volume underground, the semi-underground container reduces odours and vermin.

Practical: With the lifting crane, our truck will not come in direct contact with the materials. This way, there is no need for snow removal. The lifting crane therefore enables greater access to the container. Our trucks are equipped with automated arms that can pick up waste even 25 feet away from the container. The biggest advantage of the lifting crane is that it can be installed almost anywhere, leaving more space for parking.

It is an ideal solution for retail, residential and institutional needs, and works well in parks.

Keep in mind that we also offer a cleaning service for these containers.

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