Work conditions

We offer very competitive employment conditions that exceed those on the market.

By joining us, you will be given the opportunity to work for one of the most proactive businesses in residual material collection.


We stand out among other companies on many levels, in particular for the way our employees are treated.


Through various incentives, you will have the opportunity to earn a salary higher to what is referred in the Decree respecting solid waste removal in the Montréal region.

Furthermore, employees assigned to the collection of organic and recyclable materials earn the same salary.


We do so because we value our employees’ excellent work and want them to keep working for us.


If you are going through personal or professional issues, please be assured that it will be our pleasure to refer you to the specialist you need, thanks to our Employee and Family Assistance Program.


We care about your well-being and we wish you the warmest of welcomes among our family!